Sell Your Work

Johnnyshoots terrier

If you have some images that you think suit what we do, we would be happy to discuss selling them in our shop. We work under the following terms-

  • 50% of the retail price as commission (we keep freight charges)
  • When the customer pays, we pay you
  • Sales reports as requested
  • You retain copyright
  • You reserve the right to remove pictures at any time
  • You dictate the retail price
  • We handle the printing, shipping, warranty and payments
  • We handle the marketing via social and online

What we need-

  • A dropbox link to files at least 80mb in size and TIFF or RAW format
  • All editing is done by you
  • All files must be tagged in Adobe 1998 colourspace

What We Are Not-

  • We are not limited edition numbered and signed prints
  • We are not agents for you or your photography business

Email us at to discuss.