You Learn Something New Every Day

Today I learnt, or rediscovered how CCD sensors seem to give richer colors than CMOS- digital velvia. I also continued to learn why medium format digital is a step up from 35mm. The only issue I can see with medium format is that the cameras can tend to be a bit unwieldy and counter intuitive in their operation. To be honest, I really want a CFV-50 back on a 503cxi Hasselblad, the H series are great but  the buttons and dials are fiddly at times and can get in the way. Whats wrong with apertures on the lens? Shutter speeds as well, rocking it old school is sometimes the best. I was talking with a H system user and he shoots studio and location on his and his clients actually comment that they always feel more confident of the result when the 'Blad comes out. Are we travelling full circle? Back in the day shooting on medium format gave you the look and marked you as professional, 5 x 4 said you shot high end advertising and commercial with a bit of architecture thrown in (correcting verticals and perspective was an obsession, who's remembers Sydney TAFE?) So does turning up with your 35mm give the 3k a day client pause to think? Maybe cracking out the Speedlights for a studio shoot would after all there has to be a reason to justify charging the big bucks. Maybe we have forgotten that the photographer used to be a guy who could weave magic with mysterious rolls of film and deliver amazing transparencies shot under complicated lighting and now with every Joe Shmo having a DSLR everyones and expert- or so they think. Anyway, I digress- medium format digital is the next big thing and those who work it will benefit, it makes the difference significant and obvious. A8401846-1 A8401844-1 A8401834-1 A8401818-1 A8401864-1 A8401812-1 A8401853-1 A8401806-1

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