The Siler gets a paint job

The Siler has now become my M17A4 heavy tank. The 200mm mass driver can be used as a direct fire weapon or an indirect fire weapon.


The M17 was used by both the USMC and the US Army filling a role of both direct fire and indirect. It's size limited it's deployment but each battalion usually fielded a platoon of three. The tanks provided close support for assaulting troops using the 200mm mass driver and it's variable role ammunition. Point Defence was covered by twin rotary 20mm rapid fire mass drivers, its thick ceramic composite skin could defeat most anti tank weapons but its weak spot was the engine cooling vents in the rear. The natural enemy of the M17 was the 120mm hyper velocity mass driver which could punch holes in the side and rear at medium range and the front at close. Pictured is "Yellow Zero Three" an ex USMC tank captured by Australian forces on New Washington around January of 2301.

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  • Totally agree – love the used, worn look and how you've done that to the decals. What's your secret? I find decals very hard to weather!

    • Tas
  • cheers, decals are old 40k and there is nothing worse than a factory fresh tank- its like a landrover that never goes off road

    • John Wallace
  • Nice work, really like the decals and the battle worn look.

    • inrepose