The Manly Films

After a week in Manly, lots of film to develop. Starting with Hp5. Using LC29 which is not my "go to" developer, I have always preferred ID11 but you use what you have. Understanding that LC29 is a bit flat I have used the following dev combination- 21 degrees for 9 minutes This gives a nice punch to the film without over developing, we are talking Holga here so exposures are random. 11225442_10153587431759272_6895896836653079755_n As you can see the negs are pretty punchy but the rebate numbers are nice, contrasty but with no edge bleed- just the way I like it. First roll done and the first strip of three onto the Ls9000 scanner for a look see. Image 1 (17) There it is, Holgaesque, a few more rolls to go but will post them as they come out. The 35mm should be interesting, shot on my new EOS 3.

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