The 3880 Printer- What An Amazing Way To Throw Money Away

71T7MUDYqpL._SL1500_ Back in the day being able to print in  the darkroom was essential, even press packs for new product launches contained 5 x 7 prints- darkroom in the studio where I worked was almost a daily event. Its been a long time since I had a printer at home or even the capability to print large images (work printers don't count) so picking up a second hand 3880 was a big deal. After much cleaning profiling and testing I am blown away by how amazing the prints are on this machine. I spent ten days recently printing with Les and Aundrey Walkling and that really got me thinking- I need to print again. The 3880 is a great machine but remember the following points-
  • It uses a lot of ink
  • Ink is expensive
  • Its has a fussy paper feed
  • The software is awful
  • Profiling is essential (Xrite Color Munki Photo works for me)
Printing is an essential part of being a photographer and showing beautiful A2 prints is really amazing, problem is I will run out of wall space.

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