Revisiting The Leica M9

A few years ago I toured Europe with my Leica M9 kit. For those of you who haven't had the experience of the Leica system it really is one of the most frustrating yet compelling cameras ever made. The lenses are extremely well made and expensive but I think that they have now been eclipsed by Zeiss, Sony and Sigma. The mechanical range finder is a bizarre way to focus when there are excellent AF systems available and the CCD sensor really only performed well up to ISO 400. Despite this it made really compelling images. Sardinia has some amazing villages and the rich colour rendition of the M9 sensor highlighted this well. 

If you are buying a second hand M9 beware- the sensors suffered from a de-laminating so make sure if you buy one its sensor has been replaced.

Leica in Sardinia

Leica M9 in sardinia

Leica M9 in Sardinia

M9 in Sardinia

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