Leica By Lenny

USP-1_LENNY_teaser-480x320-1 So Lenny Kravitz has a Leica named after him and it will set you back $24,000! For this you do get some nice glass but the camera looks like its been kicking around in Lennys bag for a while because it comes pre worn- like stone wash denim. USP-2_2LENNY_teaser-480x320 Personally if I buy a camera I would like to get one with the paint intact, especially if I am forking out 24k for it, I know its art and style, perhaps I just don't get it. There was a time a while back when pre stressed furniture was all the rage, I worked for a guy who stressed old railway furniture which he bought at auction for peanuts and then sold to inner city terrace dwellers for insane profits. Similar concept? USP-2_LENNY_teaser-480x320 Having said that, wouldn't say no to a free sample. Leica tends to defy logic that way. Maybe even a review sample? Please?

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