Fiji 2015- Black & Whites

Trip to Fiji- amazing people and scenery. The Fijian people have got to be some of the nicest in the world, lets us into their village and shared their lives with us. shot exclusively on the Nex-7 with the Touit 32mm and the X100T. Great cameras for travel and tough as boots for buying around in boats. _DSC9804-Edit _DSC9824-Edit _DSC9838-Edit _DSC9849-Edit _DSC9851-Edit _DSC9873-Edit _DSF2470-Edit _DSF2604-Edit _DSF2619-Edit _DSF2620-Edit-2

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  • adventuresofruth

    Fiji is such an incredible country :) I spent 2 months living with a local family and volunteering there in 2009, very excited to go back this year to see them all ?

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