Drowning In A Sea Of Combat Walkers

In case anyone is wondering, I am obsessed with walkers. Battletech was the first but over the years the powered suit of armor striding onto the battlefield has always floated my boat. As is the way with the internet I recently discovered the universe of Maschinen Krieger. I vaguely remember these models being around in the eighties but check out this website- http://www.roboterkampf.com/index.htm.

Recently I discovered that Hobby Link Japan were having a sale of boxes containing twenty four 1/35 scale models, each model costing 150 yen- bargain! I received the box this morning and the suits look fantastic, how they will work as 15mm battle suits is a different matter. The plan will be to modify them to fit scale by adding some appropriate weaponry and attachments, maybe even a hatch or two. Being the proud owner of twenty-four of these guys means I can experiment to my hearts content.

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