ANZAC Day And The X1D

Black and white with the Hasselblad X1D from the ANZAC day march in Sydney. Not the quickest camera ever but once you get used to the slower shooting style it makes fantastic pictures.

Police Band

My own experience in the military was less than stellar and by no means the fault of the military more the stupidity of youth mixed with a fair degree of partying. My personal take on the ANZAC day tradition is that we should now hand over to the current serving soldiers, sailors and airmen to carry the banner forward, it seems a bit of a mess at the moment.

Navy Saves The Day

What amazed me about this year, only the second one I have been to in thirty years was how few actual veterans were marching. The day belonged to the Navy, with the Senior Service putting on a great show.

Well done Navy

Shooting the march has always been a difficult proposition and you really need to go into it with a plan. Mine was to shoot individual full length portraits of interesting subjects.

Love this guy. says it all


One of the few left


The X1D is possibly not the best camera for this as its is not the fastest however the lenses and image quality are amazing and worth the trouble.


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